Scholarship Program

Scholarship Students in Pursuit of Their Dreams.

 Mr. Fujio, founder and original leader of the Fuji Seal Group, and Mr. Okazaki, current chairperson, taught me the importance of always having the willingness to take on new challenges and ensuring one’s outlook extends overseas. I have gained much through interactions with other scholarship students engaged in a variety of specialized fields, and the time spent on activities conducted by Fuji Seal Foundation, who respect diversity and value human connections, are indispensable life experiences.

 There is a phrase I heard at the award ceremony that has stayed with me ever since, “I hope you will all use the Fuji Seal Foundation scholarship as an opportunity to foster close ‘connections with one another’.” I was a design student from a rural area and thus experienced little interaction with other universities. So being able to connect with students in different fields was extremely valuable to me. Even now, seeing my friends engaged in their activities gives me such happiness and greatly increases my motivation.

 My life has changed significantly since arriving in Japan. Before studying abroad, I thought it would be quite difficult to get used to Japanese schools and living environments, but by gradually cultivating an ability to adapt I have been able to overcome this. The primary reason I believe I was able to experience such growth despite being in a new environment was the support I received from the Fuji Seal Foundation. Thank you.

 The scholarship, which I received as an undergraduate, allowed me to focus entirely on my studies without having the strain of financial concerns. Thanks to this, I was even fortunate enough to receive a research presentation award. It provided me with the perfect opportunity to interact with other hardworking scholarship students, and hear about the research and extracurricular activities being conducted. Not only did I receive the scholarship, but I was also able to foster connections with many people, making for a highly rewarding four years.

 I have been a scholarship student at Fuji Seal Foundation for two years. Those who won the report selection on packaging have superb individuality and are full of vitality. I truly appreciate my friendship with these individuals as well as all the wonderful people at Fuji Seal Foundation. I intend to give back to Fuji Seal by making the most of the opportunity to continue to graduate school afforded to me through this scholarship.

 While focusing on my learning at the university, I have been able to dance, establish a study support NPO, and also edit a public relations magazine for high school and university students. Thankfully, I was able to balance my work on these projects, ensuring all were executed at a high level, but I could not have accomplished this without the scholarship. I intend to continue engaging in a variety of such activities to show my appreciation to the Foundation for giving me such an indispensable life experience.

 The Fuji Seal Foundation has changed my life financially and professionally. Through my experience with the Foundation, I have met both packaging and leadership teams. The experience has been educational, filled with networking opportunities and beneficial to my future career. As a packaging professional, I am truly honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Fuji Seal Foundation scholarship. The individuals of the Fuji Seal Foundation have taught me to tackle “Each day with renewed commitment by creating new value through packaging!”

 After discovering the Fuji Seal Foundation when I was an undergraduate, I had many opportunities to create improved packages and products. I was also able to meet and exchange opinions and ideas with students of a variety of fields from all over the country, which opened my eyes and led to significant personal growth. Since then, I have begun working at a packaging-related company, doing my absolute best to achieve my aim of creating even better packaging.